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Wir versuchen immer, unseren Gästen etwas Besonderes zu bieten. Etwas, dass Sie überrascht und Ihre Erwartungen übertrifft. Wir tun alles dafür, um Ihnen das Gefühl zu geben, an einem besonderen Ort zu sein – umgeben von den Aufmerksamkeiten unseres Teams. Unsere Liebe zum Detail begleitet Sie während Ihres ganzen Aufenthaltes.


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Eco Philosophy

We live in an insatiable consumerist society surrounded by materialistic values and detached from the natural world. Our consumption hunger generates an amount of polluting materials and energy waste, which is in continuous rise.

The Plaza hotel is an innovative project based on the realization of a leading idea: the use of ecological materials and management aimed at energy saving.

Wall partitions of all the rooms are made of recycled wood-cement panels. The high density of compaction makes it very efficient in acoustic terms. The natural hemp, as a thermal insulator and still acoustic, is present in both inner and outer wall partitions of the hotel..



Via Fuorimura, 3 , 80067, Sorrento

Via Fuorimura, 3
80067 Sorrento (Napoli) - Italy

Fax: +39 081.8073942
P.iva: 03620931216