Would you like to personalize your room? Find out how thanks to your MyPage!

As soon as you have confirmed your reservation, you will receive an email with a password that will give you access to MyPage, a section reserved exclusively for you. You can personalize your room as you wish; you can chose: the type of blanket, the shape and softness of your pillow, the room temperature at arrival and even which drinks to find in your minibar. Are you a Coca-Cola maniac? You can choose to get your minibar full of Coca-Cola!

On this page you can also fill in your check in form (ID will still need to be shown at check in), so that as soon as you get to Sorrento you will not even miss a second.

In addition, besides the fun and the personalization of your holiday, there is also a 10% discount every time you decide to return to the Plaza hotel by reserving directly on your MyPage.

How could you say no?


If you change idea on the personalization of your room (room temperature, content of minibar, type of pillow and blanket…), want to add extra days to your stay or reserve in advance your next stay in Sorrento, you simply need to sign in with your username and password.

Do not despair, if you have lost or forgot it, we can always remind you.

See you soon.



Via Fuorimura, 3 , 80067, Sorrento

Via Fuorimura, 3
80067 Sorrento (Napoli) - Italy

Fax: +39 081.8073942
P.iva: 03620931216